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So, the blog has been quiet as of late due to work being crazy insane (National Cyber Security Awareness Month FTW!) and Liam being just plain insane. We haven’t slowed down in the kitchen and the brewing looks like it’s going to be making a comeback.

In the mean time, we have been exploring more traditional cooking methods. This means more fats and less grains. Mandie is even going grain free for now. This means breakfasts and “breads” have take a turn for the nuttier. Coconut, that is. (more…)


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Manual posting activity has been pretty slow around here. Aren’t you glad I keep you busy with those Fitbit posts?

Seriously, brewing and ‘queing has been likewise slow around here. but  not the activity. In fact, I hanted to share something both food and health related for your consideration.


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Eat. Meat. Repeat!

Meat Week D.C. is coming up. Sadly, all the events are in the evening after I go home. But I encourage you locals to enjoy!


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