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I post very little about my career. This is first because of the nature of my employer and also because my commute sucks away just about any free time I have.

I’m a communicator; a professional talker. Basically, I put..words together to help my…co-worker’s messages be…good. 😉

My dream, is to work in marketing and public relations. And for whom? The craft beer industry, of course! From my earliest home brewing memories, I knew that I wanted to some day work in the beer industry. I didn’t know what that looked like or how it would work out. I always held onto that dream. A dream is only as real as what you do while you’re not dreaming it, however. I dreamed away years watching my actual job get further and further away from my target.

A local marketing company with which I’ve been developing a relationship sent me a tweet the other day with a URL:

@ThinkandDrive Thinking about heading back to school? http://chronicle.com/blogs/bottomline/for-portland-state-u-beer-is-just-business/

At first, I assumed their Twitter account had been hacked and this was some sort of TweetSpam. But I checked their account and it was the only tweet like it. I went ahead and visited the link and my brain has been abuzz ever since.



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