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So it has been entirely too long since the pork update. In that time, we have split a quarter cow with some people and embarked on a pseudo-paleo/traditional-food diet. What’s kept me from posting more about was my inability to easily post updates. (more…)


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Nothing to see here. Move Along

So, i have been “blogging” since before there was blogging.  In the days when you had to manually mark up a page and FTP it to server space you carved out for yourself.  Frankly, it’s gotten old.  Hence this WordPress blog.  I’ve been a WordPress user on my own space for some time and just feel it’s time to let someone else handle the heavy lifting.  I’ve archived off my old blog and an shelving it.  It’s time to start again.

Introducing “Smoke ‘n’ Bubbles”, a blog dedicated to my two hobbies BBQ and Homebrewing.  I’ll use this mainly as a clearing house for recipes, expiriments, etc.  Don’t expect any political or social commentary.  I don’t have the interest or energy for that junk any more.

For now, I am working on building out my first all grain brewing setup with a planned brew near the end of the month.  By that time, I should also have my deck cleared and ready for some lip-smackin’, smoke billowin’ BBQ.

More to come.

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